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Buffet Ware

Buffet ware is totally different from most types of tableware……………..you want your buffet to look pleasing to the eye, helpful for your diners and easy to use. displaying your food in the best possible way! We’ve got the products…………..trays, risers, chafing dishes.  You name it!  We can help you design the perfect buffet area for your diners.

Cra’ster Buffet Ware

Cra’ster is a high-end brand that has been creating innovative luxury products for premium hotel and restaurant projects for the past 20 years. Distributing in over 20 countries and manufacturing in the UK, the Czech Republic and the Far East, they provide product development solutions from the very beginning of an idea right down to the final delivery of the product. Defined by their beautiful craftsmanship and their strong passion for using high-quality materials and finishes in their designs.

Cra’ster features everything from a dynamic Buffet Table System to beautifully crafted traditional rustic display stands, to eclectic brass chip pots, to wood or marble plinths. Combine pieces from the Flow Collection with Cra’ster’s patisserie risers and stands to create a memorable and unique buffet display.

In addition they also provide custom designs and projects for their clients, making them innovative leaders in the market.

Download the Cra’ster 2015 catalog and contact us for additional information or samples.


Guy Degrenne Buffet Ware

Guy Degrenne has added a complete range of buffet items called Evento.

Guy Degrenne Evento provides stylish and practical solutions for your venue’s buffet needs. Many pieces are available in wood, porcelain, slate and glass in a variety of colors to meet your specific decor.

The Evento Buffet range includes:

  •  Beverage Servers
  •  Serving pieces for your cold items
  •  Crockery for your hot food items
  •  Baskets for your bread and pastry items
  •  Suggested plateware for your buffet setup

Completely customizable, Guy Degrenne Evento makes it easy to set up your buffet to your particular requirements.

Download the Guy Degrenne Evento catalog and contact us for additional information or samples.




Guy Degrenne Evento buffet products are attractive to the eye as well as efficient in their design








Guy Degrenne Evento chafing dishes have hinged covers, which improves the flow of your guests (no more figuring out where to put the cover while your guests serve themselves)










 Guy Degrenne Evento offers a stylish variety in your pastry/bread presentation











Guy Degrenne Evento beverage servers are stored on refrigerated bases to keep them cool. No more melting ice!











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