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Natural Rock Bud Vases


Our hand crafted rock bud vases come in a variety of shades and sizes

There is a place for standards in your presentation to the public. But your accent pieces should be unique. Each of our hand crafted natural rock vases is a unique creation from Mother Nature structured over millions of years to accent your table. Insert a small flower, a sprig of mint or other herb or any greenery from the garden to accent and brighten your table setting.

Our natural rock vases can also be structured for sale to your customers as a vase or to hold their favorite pen on the desktop. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Hand made earth tone natural rock bud vases


Set a romantic mood with these hand crafted natural rock vases


Each natural rock bud vase is one of a kind


Add a rustic element to your table setting with these one of a kind natural rock bud vases


Create the perfect ambiance with these hand crafted natural rock bud vases



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