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Know what a marking tray is? Well, it’s the tray the waiter brings additional flatware to your diner’s table. When your diners are through with the shrimp salad and the dish and fork are removed………..AND the waiter brings the soup………..he also brings a soup spoon! And that soup spoon is on a MARKING TRAY!

Some people call it a flatware tray, spoon tray, knife tray…………….but, the “real” term is Marking Tray.

Instead of holding a fist full of flatware……..it’s presented on a nice wooden marking tray to match your decor. Now don’t you feel smart?

Need a rustic look????? What about a wooden bread basket??? What about a round wooden wine/bottle coaster? A square wooden wine coaster? A small wooden tray?

Need an amenity tray for shampoo, conditioner???? Our trays are perfect. Any size…..small footprint!

NATURAL ROCK VASES: Who would have thought?  These are so unique and cute and GREEN! Each one is different!!! Rock vases have a small footprint. Easy on your flower budget!

Your customers will love them. Good conversation piece. They will probably want to buy some for souvenirs…….so stock up!

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