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Chef toys! Everything from Mandalins, Knives, Spatulas, Girolles, Fondue pots, all sorts of cheese presentation tools, to Raclettes. Contact Us for a complete Swissmar Catalog and pricing.

Sharing the joy of raclette cooking is a time honoured tradition in Switzerland, and the idea is rapidly spreading around the rest of the world. And why not?  Sharing stories over drinks while creating personalized dishes is an activity everyone will love.


As any craftsman will tell you, using the right tools makes any task easier and more enjoyable. All of our functional and durable tools are created with usability and good hygiene in mind. From Vegetable Peelers and Silicone Spatulas to Corkscrews and Can openers, Swissmar’s kitchen tools are designed to make food preparation a joy.


Delicious bread and cheese, tasty meat and broth, delectable fruit and chocolate…all these choices and more are easy to create and enjoy. With dozens of beautiful, high quality models to choose from, it’ll be easy to find a fondue set that suits your cooking needs – and fashion style.

The original Swiss-made girolle is used for accenting cheese platters and appetizers with exquisite cheese flowers. Designed for use with a special cheese from Switzerland known as “Tete de Moine” (or Monk’s Head), this cheese has the perfect consistency to create unique cheese rosettes. Gives platters a professional look quickly and easily.

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